• Total Supply: 12,500 (100%)

• Circulating wallet: 4,175 (33.40%)

• LP: 387.50 (3.1%)

• Exchange & Marketing: 4,250 (34%)

• Development: 2,487.50 (19.90%)

• Team: 1,200 (9.6%)

The Tokenomics aims at a slow and gradual exit of the holders, over time, the liquidity will be increased in order to allow a lower price impact and the possibility of buying and selling ever greater quantities of tokens.

The goal is to reach a maximum supply of 12,000 by burning at least 2,400 of the circulating tokens.

This is achieved with:

- 0% fee applied both for buying and selling - purchasing of NFT tickets for our platform services with $NALI

At the time of listing, the pooled % of the LP was 1% and it was increased to 4.23% to date. The pooled % minimum target is 7%.

These target objectives are primary but not final and are calculated at current market and Tokenomics conditions and may be subject to changes.

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