The Equity NFTs represent the share of participation in the NALI Project’s Reserve of Value. They are exclusive for all those who will purchase $ NALI on the OTC and NEO rounds, or for those who will purchase the equity NFTs on the future dedicated section in the NALI marketplace.

All those who purchase $ NALI on the OTC and NEO rounds will receive an NFT containing the data necessary to participate in the capital reserves of NALI Project.

There will be multiple uses of the reserves that will be used for the purposes of:

● Purchase tokens related to pre-listing NFT gaming projects on DEX platforms.

● Purchase project tokens on DEX platforms.

● Purchase NFTs for sale on the DEX marketplaces.

Each decision will be taken by the users adhering to the NAO and through the vote of the community in relative majority (or other form of majority decided by the community).

The jobs will be held in a decentralized way using a third-party platform not owned by NALI Project which will act as an escrow to fully protect and guarantee security for the community.

For the purposes of managing the votes and the NAO, the NALI team will receive a fee equal to 1% of the value of the assets at the time of positive achievement of the vote.

The community will be able to check the trend and value of NALI being used in real time in dedicated sections. Our decentralized equity fund will allow all large and small investors through the holding of $ NALI + $ NALIDAO token (to which we will dedicate a future full article) to obtain participation shares in projects dedicated to NFT gaming, metaverses and art. We are already in contact with important players in the gaming world, project incubators, internationally renowned artists.

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