NFT Certificates will have great development in the Blockchain field because they will link the real economy to the Blockchain and to the crypto world. They will find application in many sectors and we of the Nali team will produce several “designing” them tailored to specific sectors.

First of all, what was most important to us was to think of a tool capable of enhancing “green companies”, that is, those companies who give life to products and services with a low environmental impact and who can provide a real benefit to the well-being of the Planet.

Hence the idea of ​​creating ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFICATIONS that go beyond the concept of supply chain certification. these certifications are related to the company’s green attitude in modernizing, guaranteeing not only its own propensity for the environment but also that of supplier and partner. The goal is also to contribute strongly to the fight against GREEN WASHING, that is, to the practice used by many companies for exclusively marketing purposes, to the detriment of legitimate green companies.

In addition to this type of application, we plan with some of our partners to link the NFT Certificates to the real estate world, through different formulas. Starting from the tokenization of projects which will allow the entry of capital during the planning phase, and through NFT Certificates that will determine the sale terms quickly and in total safety.

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