SAFE NFTs will allow the divestment of assets for the sake of the security of their possession. The assets will remain the exclusive property of the user, who will be able to access them thanks to the SAFE NFT, which will represent the ticket to access his decentralized “safe”.

The absolute innovation of the product is inherent in the opt-in and opt-out method. Users will be able to manage their assets in a decentralized way in total safety.

Security is guaranteed by a specific function that will allow you to replicate in an NFT the right to access a third non-custodial wallet using a special secret key different from that of the main wallet owned by the user, in order to safeguard the assets if a wallet was compromised for links to scam sites, fake tokens, etc.

Countless users have lost their capital and tokens held in non-custodial wallets due to a simple error related to trying to sell a scam token found in the wallet or to connecting to a fake PancakeSwap website or others. Through the SAFE NFTs all funds will be safe and if unauthorized access occurs, or the wallet seed phrase is lost, the funds will be safe thanks to this special NFT.

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