The team will make every effort to achieve the following objectives. The road map is indicative, and the individual steps may undergo changes in the time launch based on the progress of the project.

Phase 1

Smart Contract Creation • Creation of the random extractor linked to time and the city • Creation of the website

• Creation of communication channels on social networks

• Creation of the “dynamic slippage” and “buyback & burn incentive” mechanisms

• Private token Smart Contract Audit from “MithX”

• Seed Sale

• Private Sale

• Public Sale

• Launch on BSC MainNet

• Start of burn & airdrop operations

• Start of marketing operations

Phase 2


ALTAIR: NFTs investment and trading funds, copy trading NFT’s DAO investment funds Front running and arbitrage bots FOCUS ALTAIR: NFT’s Investment and trading funds: final release on mainnet on 20/06/2022 Copy trading: final release on mainnet on 20/06/2022 DAO investment funds: final release on mainnet on 30/06/2022 Audit Cyberscope 22/12/2022ORION: NFTs decentralized “safe” accessNAO, ALTAIR and ORION public Smart Contract Audits from “Brewlabs”

• LIBRAE: NFTs share of the NALI PROJECT patrimonial fund

• STARDUST: NFTs Art, Music, AR / VR, Gaming

• DRACO: NFTs compliance certification, fight against green washing, COA

Phase 3

• Development of NALI’s NFT platform and marketplace

• Audit platform and smart contract from Certik

Phase 4

• Listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap

• Listing on Exchanges

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