Welcome to the NALI Project!

NALI is a visionary new project in the field of NFTs and their multiple uses.

The NALI Project NFT ecosystem will see the coexistence of the classic and best known NFTs related to the world of art, music, gaming and multimedia alongside the innovative NFTs exclusively invented by NALI Project.

Our ecosystem will be divided into the following 5 NFT categories:

• NAO: SWAP $ NALI / $ NALIDAO and Platform Voting System, NFT Section ticket;

• STARDUST: NFTs Art, Music, AR / VR, Gaming;

• ALTAIR: NFTs investment funds, front running bots, arbitrage bots;

• DRACO: NFTs compliance certification, fight against green washing, COA;

• ORION: NFTs decentralized “safe” access;

• LIBRAE: NFTs share of the NALI PROJECT patrimonial fund.

Each NFT category will have a dedicated section within our platform and will provide exclusive benefits.

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