Green Hands and Supreme Green Hands

All holders who have a portfolio value of at least $50,000 will be considered GREEN HANDS.

You can get this PRESTIGIOUS STATUS by purchasing an equivalent value of this amount on the market, or you must actively engage in talking about the project in the crypto community and increasing its value on the market.

Remember that only GREEN HANDS will participate in a draw and will be rewarded with exclusive NFTs.

Finally, you can become an incredible “SUPREME GREEN HANDS”; all green hands will be considered “supreme” if, in addition to possessing a value of tokens held in their portfolio of at least $50,000, they will have to send NALI tokens to the “ Supreme Green Hands burn address” for an equivalent value of $5,000.

Remember that being a GREEN HAND means first of all committing oneself for the good of all, thinking about the community and not selfishly for one’s own exclusive interest. Being a “Supreme Green Hand” means helping the community to burn the supply by increasing the value of the token for everyone, but it also means being rewarded for this positive action.

All Supreme Green Hands who contribute to the token burn will receive as a reward a special NFT made by a digital artist (real digital works of art that could also be outside the NALI project), they will also get the super sponsorship of their NFT on the site of NALI and on all communication channels where NALI is present, as well as potential other fabulous exclusive rewards that we are preparing for the Supreme Green Hands.

The verification of the requirements to satisfy the Green Hand status and the number of NALI tokens corresponding to an equivalent value of $ 50,000 will be carried out automatically once a day via oracle and the Green Hands wallets will be published on the NALI website.

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