The category of traditional NFTs includes NFTs related to the world of art, music, AR / VR, gaming, and multimedia. In the last year this category of NFTs has grown considerably in sales volumes, attracting everyone’s attention and kicking off the phenomenon of the metaverse. At NALI Project, we consider this category as the tool underlying our ecosystem, while striving, however, to apply it as much as possible also to situations in the real economy. To do this we are developing some important innovations also linked to traditional NFTs.

Through the NFT we will certify the “physical” and intellectual property, as well as regulate the use of what is creative. Two sections of our platform will arise from this Copyright model use, represented by a certified art exchange marketplace and a fruition platform. The fruition platform, as well as making available a huge amount of content, will allow various operations (such as in the musical field), the possibility for an artist to retain their fans through their active participation in the artistic life of the character (tickets that give the right to special contents such as participation in concerts behind closed doors, backstage, or fix a dinner with the artist).

Through the NAO, the owners will also be able to participate in the development of a new album, acting as “producers” or financiers, subsequently obtaining fees based on the success of the project and much more.

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