How is the NALI team composed and how many are you?

I would like to point out first of all that every component of NALI is a GREEN HAND and has always cared about the environment. The team consists of eight members, all professionals with many years of experience in their sector. Within the team there are three developers, as well as entrepreneurs and professionals in the IT field, commercial and financial consulting. At least two members of the team have active contacts with the world of environmentalism, sustainable development and humanitarian initiatives. We have varied skills to fulfill every aspect of the project from different points of view. We brainstorm, implement creative work, develop and make final tests every day. In addition to the members within the team, we have opened a strong collaboration with a team of digital graphic designers and artists that will take care of NALI’s NFTs and has within it a legal advisor in the blockchain and NFTs field. We have also opened some collaborations with different marketing teams for advertising campaigns and social communication. We are strongly aware of how a correct promotion and communication makes the difference between the success and failure of a crypto project and for this reason we will be very sensitive and active on advertising and promotional campaigns. We intend to use many marketing teams over time to take advantage of their different attitudes and experiences including each of their communication channels.

You are the first project we know to use NFTs for a certification purpose in the green field, what function will they have?

NALI intends to occupy a space within the real economy, crossing the threshold of the crypto world and supporting green companies on one hand, and environmental organizations on the other. NFT CERTIFICATES represent the last link in the value chain that green companies can use to certify and publicize the actions taken to legally obtain the status of eco-sustainable company and their positive growth in the path of adopting processes that are environmentally friendly. They can therefore be used on the market and towards all players for advertising purposes benefiting from the unique characteristics of traceability, transparency and immutability of the blockchain. The adoption of NFT CERTIFICATES will contribute to the fight against the so-called GREEN WASHING phenomenon; moreover, based on the green characteristics and qualities declared by the company and a mathematical algorithm, a grade will be given to the “green company”. A ranking by quality will be created on NALI’s website and communication channels as an advertising space for each of these virtuous companies. In exchange, through the mint of the NFT CERTIFICATES and its advertising in the company’s communication channels, they will promote knowledge of the NALI project on all market players, another WIN - WIN strategy that distinguishes our project.

Can you tell us about the unique and innovative features that NALI wants to bring to the ecosystem of NFTs platforms?

A problem deeply felt by the authors of the works and the creators of the NFTs when they are distinct entities is the impossibility, in the existing platforms and marketplaces, to differentiate the creator of the NFT from the author from which the NFT is based upon. This makes it impossible to correctly distribute the royalties to be paid between the author and creator, who must necessarily turn to the classic commercial and legal agreements between individuals and signed by the parties, to solve this problem. NALI’s NFT platform aims to solve this issue by allowing authors and creators to establish and set in advance on the platform, the correct distribution of royalties established by the parties and enjoying the related profits directly in their private wallets, automatically, clear, certain and immutable. In addition to this aspect, already fantastic, there will be further innovations that will disrupt the world of NFTs and will allow NALI to be the North Star in the firmament of NFT platforms and marketplaces.

What makes the NALI team believe they’ll be successful?

The passion, commitment and professionalism that we dedicate to the project. Another key element is the creativity we use to address the issues. You’ll unlikely see here initiatives and solutions already seen on the market. We believe a lot in brainstorming, dealing with problems and finding solutions by looking from a different point of view.

NFTs now play an important role in the crypto world, can you tell us more about NALI ARTISTIC NFTs?

All NALI NFTs are created by a professional team of digital artists, they will commemorate both catastrophic events for the planet, and successful events in the history of inventions and events that have helped protect the planet and awaken people’s consciousness towards the protection of the planet. Only green hands will be able to participate in the draws and win NALI NFTs, and only SUPREME GREEN HANDS will get a special NFT exclusive and personalized, a true digital works of art (including a theme that is not part of the NALI project), created by digital artists as well as benefiting from the super sponsorship of the NFT on all communication channels used by NALI.

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