In NAO it will be possible to swap $ NALI with $ NALIDAO with the ratio of 1/100.

NALIDAO is NALI Project's BEP 1155 token, useful for the NALI ecosystem both for making proposals and for voting on them.

NAO will provide all holders of $ NALIDAO the right to open and vote proposals, the token swap is not subject to any slippage percentage and once the action has been carried out a new swap will be possible to immediately regain possession of their NALI tokens.

$ NALIDAO will not have an official exchange market (POOL), representing only a NALI Project token utility useful for accessing the community proposal and voting system.

Within this section it will be possible to purchase, using BUSD, USDC, and UDST, also the NFT Sections Tickets useful for accessing all the products and solutions included in the sections: ALTAIR, ORION, STARDUS, LIBRAE and DRACO.

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